Reach all your goals despite people trying to hold you down

Published: 07th April 2010
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In today's world a lot of people have goals and dreams inside that they never get to start pursuing because they get caught up in the stress of everyday life. However, when someone finally does decide to take action, change their life and pursue one of the dreams they have always wanted to pursue something very weird happens : Most people around you will try to push you down and tell you how you are unrealistic and that following your dream will just result in you wasting your time.

This happens because people are afraid. They are afraid that you will succeed and then they will have no answer for why they have not taken action and pursued their own dreams. It is important to note that they are not trying to hold you down because they are evil, most people are not even aware of why they are doing this.
It is very critical that you do not listen to these people, if you have a dream and you are really motivated towards achieving it you simply have to shut out anything negative that will hold you back from pursing your goal.

Let people say what they want, but realize that all people are different and that what might not be possible in their minds is totally possible for someone else. The worst thing you can do is starting a discussion with these people and trying to convince them that it is possible and that they should follow their own goals too.
This will not work as these people have already made their decision and have chosen what kind of life they want to lead, if you start a discussion or try to convince them it will just lead to their egos feeling attacked and it will create a lot of negative energy between you.

Just think about all the people that came with new theories and how they were shot down by everyone else in the beginning. There are three steps to any new theory, the first one is that the theory is ridiculed and the creator is called crazy, the second step is that the theory is reluctantly accepted and the last step is that the theory will be accepted as though it was self evident and that no one has ever doubted it. You will see the same pattern when you start taking action and achieving your goals.

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